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Tuesday 16th April 2019
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Seychelles Tourism
Mrs Sherin Francis, CEO of The Seychelles Tourist Board, looks after the interests of the industry.
The Island Conservation Society is the responsible Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)
Market Gardening
A hillside is put to use to produce food for the table and the local market. The tropics bring their own challenges.
Maia Resort
The ultimate in private luxury on the main island of Mahe? Dedicated butler service. Want to be pampered?
The Artic Skua.
A rare sighting south of Mull. The bird has a well deserved reputation as an aggresive plunderer.
Brexit - The Nightmare
This is a constitutional crisis. A government that failed to enact the will of the people.
Seychelles Politics 2
"Moving towards a modern democracy"?
Or have they arrived? The situation in 2019.
The essential interface between your dreams and reality.
Get there. Look good. Have fun.
A look at The National Biodiversity Centre on the west coast of Mahe.
Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Fancy your chances?
Takamaka Rum
A visit to the only distillery on the islands. Where you can see how sugar cane is turned into an island speciality.
Club Liberte
A new casino in the south west of Mahe caters to locals and tourists who want to beat the odds.
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
The season is underway. Leading to the final in Abu Dhabi. Three races down.
Public Announcement.
The formal notice of a meeting of National Trust of Scotland members in Helensburgh, May 4th, 10am
The Helensburgh Folly
NTS are spending 5 million pounds on a Folly that makes a mockery of the work of Charles Rennie MacIntosh.
Around Mahe
The varied sights of the island from the mountains to the sea.
The Blue Economy
Mr Antoine Onezime, CEO of the James Michel Foundation, carries the message of the former President.
Outdoor Fitness
Fitness equipment does not have to be hidden indoors. It can be outside available to everyone.
An Islander forages on the sea shore for food for the family pet rabbits. Only two at the moment.
Descent to the Sea
A rare view of the sun kissing the western horizon to end another day.
Sunrise Spotlight
The rising sun spotlights one of the boats at anchor in Beau Vallon Bay.
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