Tuesday 16th April 2019
Brexit - The Nightmare
With two deadlines to leave the EU missed, the day of reckoning has been pushed back to October 31st 2019, with an earlier exit if parliament agrees a plan.

The decision in the May 23rd 2016 referendum vote was to leave the EU. No conditions or qualifications were on the ballot paper.

The Queen has just put her royal signature to a law preventing parliament from voting for a No-Deal Brexit.

Meanwhile, 6,000 civil servants seconded from their proper jobs have just been stood down from No-Deal Brexit planning. The cost of this paper shuffling - 1,500,000,000.

The bits we found out about did not look encouraging. The plan to open Ramsgate Harbour for cross-channel traffic went onto the scrap heap when reality took a bite.

If parliament does not agree a plan by May 22nd, there will be elections for the European Parliament. At a cost of 100 million.

Meanwhile, Theressa May racks up the frequent flyer miles back and forth to Brussels.

We did get some indicative votes from the parliament until the Speaker voted with the government and put a stop to that nonsense.

Now we have no way of knowing who thinks what.

The Easter recess has come as a relief to all concerned. However, there is no obvious way forward.

Theressa May should have been ousted months ago. That she has not is an indication of the lack of leadership qualities in the cadre of likely replacements in the Tory ranks. Clearly not a job that anybody wants

The half-hearted resignations of assorted Tory and Labour MPs to form the Independent Group has come to naught.


     Out of the EU. No Deal. A United Ireland.

And let's get on with the rest of our lives.