Tuesday 16th April 2019
Club Liberte
Club Liberte is a new casino tucked away next to The Four Seasons Hotel on the south west of Mahe.

Open for three years, the family oriented venue offers locals and tourists the chance to try their luck against the house.

Iain London, the General Manager, described the options for games of chance on a recent visit.

Black jack, two variations of poker, roulette and baccarat are on offer on the tables. Slot machines provide opportunities for those who accept the challenge against the machine.

Mr London has had extensive experience in the casino industry around the world and indicated that the odds available are as good or better than found elsewhere.

Mr London is proud of the meal service now provided at the Club. Three menus catering to a variety of tastes are available in the restaurant area.

The Casino is a welcome addition to the entertainment available on the island.