Tuesday 16th April 2019
Outdoor Fitness
In the UK, we have become used to fitness equipment available in gyms.

Access requires signing up for a contract and the juggling of schedules to make time for a work out in the daily routine.

In Beau Vallon, the equipment is available next to the beach. Equipment without all of the electronic add-ons that either power the treadmill or record the calories burned in each session.

The equipment is available designed to be used outdoors. It's central location means that it is used by locals and visitors.

In modern lives, where physical activity has been replaced by work sitting at a desk, it is important that every opportunity is available for exercise. This can be as simple as using the stairs instead of taking the lift.

While the UK weather is rarely tropical, there are places where outdoor fitness equipment would be appropriate.

We have outdoor play facilities for kids. Why not for adults too?