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Tuesday 2nd April 2019
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Have We Left Yet?.
We're British. We believe in rules
Brexit - A look back.
How did it go so wrong?
Locked in Love
The love tokens on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence say "I will love you forever".
Native Peoples
Why we need primitive skills to survive. The Aborigine, the Inuit and the Sioux have lessons for us to learn.
Single Use Plastic.
We are all part of the problem. We can all be part of the solution.
Man's Best Friend
Dogs play different roles in different cultures. A look at "Man's best friend".
A Proud Seychellois
Essential to modern British life or silly folk in silly costumes? Tradition is part of our culture, part of who we are.
The essential interface between your dreams and reality.
Get there. Look good. Have fun.
Glasgow Car Hire
Adventures with the thiefs and vagabonds of the motor trade. How I failed to rent a car at Glasgow Airport
Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Fancy your chances?
Venice Revisited.
Another look at the wonder that is Venice. A city that embraces water and uses it to it's best advantage.
Eighteen US travel agents were marooned in their hotel by the flood waters. How did they cope?
Driving is a serious business. Your life and others will be affected by your mistakes.
Concentrate. Look ahead.
Public Announcement.
The formal notice of a meeting of National Trust of Scotland members in Helensburgh, May 4th, 10am
Why We Need Change.
A report on the 2018 National Trust for Scotland AGM. Why Simon Skinner should have resigned.
It has not been "Britain's Finest Hour". The system has been tested and found lacking. Is there a better way?
The Sun Also Rises
Images from a vantage point high on Mont Signal above Beau Vallon, a village on Mahe. The Seychelles.
Something to Ponder
Do we need it all? An anecdote from Sir James Mancham, the First President of The Seychelles.
The city for art lovers and lovers never disappoints. Look until you have had enough then shop until you drop.
Albert Finney
A tribute to a fine actor and a man of his time. He was a Salford lad and he never forgot it.
One Man and His Truck
My life changed when I met Mike working on his truck. He takes pride in his work. A marvellous thing.
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