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Tuesday 9th April 2019
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The Seychelles
The smallest independent nation in the world. The size of Arran. How does it survive in the modern age?
Karting in Seychelles
The Seychelles Karting Association had a novice training day on Saturday. A future Formula 1 World Champion?
Flying High
Want to feel like a bird? With some courage and daring you can join them in the air. Go on. Give it a try.
Romantic Islands
Couples come to The Seychelles for memories to last a lifetime. Romance is in the air and the memories are recorded.
Islands Under Cloud
Islands make their own weather systems. The land forces warm moist air up where it cools and forms clouds.
Making Way
On starboard tack for Oransay in the Inner Hebrides. Jura and Islay off the port bow. Coll to starboard.
Seychelles Politics
After forty two years of one party rule, The Seychellois are at a crossroads. How will they turn?
The essential interface between your dreams and reality.
Get there. Look good. Have fun.
Beau Vallon Bay
A lone boat creates a contrasting wake in the water off Beau Vallon.
Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Fancy your chances?
Eden Island
Your destination for luxury accomodation in paradise. Central access to all of the delights of The Seychelles.
A Family Odyssey.
A Canadian family are tied up at Eden Island Marina on a voyage around the world. An Adventure of a lifetime.
Tropical Jungle
The sculptural shape of the granite outcrop contrasts with the lush greenery of the trees.
Public Announcement.
The formal notice of a meeting of National Trust of Scotland members in Helensburgh, May 4th, 10am
NTS and Geilston.
The saga of the fate of Geilston House and Gardens under the management of The National Trust for Scotland.
The Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens in Mount Fleuri, Victoria are well worth the 100 rupee admission charge.
Sunset Watch
Meditations on life while watching the sun set in the west. What have I learned from 30,000 sunrises and sunsets?
Billionaires Row
Eden Island Marina is where the Superyachts gather. If you have it, park here.
Taking a Dive
A South African meets a diving challenge and makes a daring dive from the Eden Island Bridge. Points out of 10?
A New Vegan Option
A new menu item is tested on Eden Island. Bonne appetite.
Blue on Blue
Sea and sky in the abstract.
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